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Musketeer's Starter Kit (Basic)

Musketeer's Starter Kit (Basic)
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Price: £124.99
Availability: In Stock
Model: Musketeers Kit (Basic)
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Musketeer's Starter Kit (Basic) - SAVE £25!!

This wonderful kit, which is ideal for both the seasoned re-enactor and newbie alike, comprises of the basics which a new musketeer is expected to purchase within the first two years of re-enacting with Civil War Groups.

This kit includes the following:

  • Musketeer's Bandolier - Hand-Sewn Shotte bag and belt with 12 lathe machined Apostles/Boxes. Hand constructed item like the originals and based on suriving originals in Leeds Armouries. Supplied with an average belt length of 52 inches. This can be customised to your required length. Please state your required length on the 'Order Details' page when purchasing.
  • Leather Gauntlets - A must for any musketeer to stop powder burns and burns from slow match. Supplied in your required size from 6-10 in either brown or black leather. 
  • Slow Match - 5 lengths of 1 and a 1/2 feet are supplied with each set. Home made slow match ideal for use in re-enactments. Burn rate of 10 inches per hour.

This package, if purchased seperately would cost well over £125; so get ready for the new season in style and save yourself a few pound at the same time.

The Advanced Starter Kit includes the same as above but with a pair of Bucket Top Boots as well for only £125 extra!

This kit is In Stock now & available for same day dispatch.

If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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Musketeer's Starter Kit (Basic)
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Musketeer's Starter Kit (Basic)
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Musketeer's Starter Kit (Basic)
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