About Us

About Us

Re-enactment Supplies was founded in 2009 to plug a significant gap in the UK market. All of our arms and armour are suitable for use in U.K battle re-enactments.

We have supplied and still supply items to member's of the following historical groups & museums:

  • Tower Hamlets Trayned Bands
  • The Sealed Knot
  • English Civil War Society
  • Sir Thomas Lord Burgh's Retinue
  • Wars Of The Roses Federation
  • The Society Of The Open Rope
  • Wirtartna Fort - Malta
  • Knights Of Middle England
  • Seventeenth Century Life & Times
  • Medieval Siege Society
  • Napoleonic Association
  • The Globe Theatre, London
  • Liverpool Playhouse
  • The Time Machine, Switzerland
  • Hands On History

All of our employees are members of The Sealed KnotOpen RopeEnglish Civil War Society and Wars Of The Roses Federation.

We also purchase many of our items from companies all over the world, making sure they all conform to UK re-enactment group rules and regulations. All the armour we sell is purpose built for use in battle re-enactments.